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Iulie 7, 2009

[Grieshaber, Erich and Jean Grieshaber. „I. Guide to Documentation,” Exposé of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Blue Letter Bible. 1 Sep 2002. 7 Jul 2009.] – Guide to Documentation

On the following pages will be found an outline of key claims and beliefs of the Watchtower Society. Under each topic heading appears certain questions and explanations that will lead the student into examining that issue for himself. The outline format has been selected in order to save time and provide a rapid reference system.

1. Is the Society* a true prophet of God?
  • 1A. How does the Society define „true prophet?”The three essentials given through Moses were:

    1) …Speak in Jehovah’s name…

    2) The things foretold would come to pass…

    3) His prophesying must promote true worship being in harmony with God’s Word and the prophets.”

    Aid to Bible Understanding, p. 1,348

  • 1B. How does the Society test the true prophet’s message?„The best method of proof is to put a prophecy to the test of time and circumstance. The Bible invites such a test…the Bible…establishes the rules for testing a prophecy at Deuteronomy 18:20-22.”

    Watchtower, March 1, 1965

  • 1C. Does the Society believe that a true prophet exists today?Yes. In fact, the Society says, „It is of importance to every individual on earth to identify the group that Jehovah has commissioned as His servant’ or messenger.”

    Watchtower, March 15, 1972

  • 1D. Does the Society believe that a true modern prophet would have the same authority as the Old Testament prophets?Yes. Society members are told that there existed such a group and then they were asked to look for it-„…any group on whom Jehovah would be willing to bestow the commission to speak as a ‘prophet’ in His name, as was done toward Ezekiel…”

    Watchtower, March 15, 1972

  • 1E. Does the Society claim to be the present day true prophet?Yes. „Who is this prophet? …not one man, but a body of men and women…known at that time as International Bible Students. Today they are known as Jehovah’s Christian Witnesses.”

    Watchtower, April 1, 1972

  • 1F. Where does the Society/Prophet claim to get its direction?„Jehovah’s Witnesses today make their declaration of the good news of the kingdom under angelic direction and support.” In other words, angels tell the Society what to say and do.

    Watchtower, April 1, 1972

  • 1G. Does the Society desire and expect Christendom to treat the Society as a prophet of God?Yes. The Society fully anticipates this: „…regardless of how Christendom views or regards this group of anointed witnesses of Jehovah, the time must come, and that shortly, when those making up Christendom will know that really a ‘prophet’ of Jehovah was among them.”

    The Nations Shall Know That I Am Jehovah, p. 70

  • 1H. What role does the Society claim for a prophet in these days? What should a prophet be doing?The Society spells this out in three ways:

    1. „The modern-day counterpart of Ezekiel”

    2. „Do the will of Jehovah”

    3. „Serve as the mouthpiece and active agent of Jehovah”

    The Nations Shall Know That I Am Jehovah, p. 58

  • 1I. Does the Society claim that it has been prophesying for God today?Yes. „The facts substantiate that the remnant of Christ’s anointed disciples (the Society [see context]) have been doing that prophesying to all nations.” They claim God’s Spiritis „poured out” on them. They ask: „Why argue about it?”

    Holy Spirit—The Force Behind the Coming New Order!, p.148

  • 1J. Does the Society claim that prophesying and preaching are the same ministry?No. The Society claims that their members have been „preaching and prophesying from house to house and city to city…”, thus clearly distinguishing between the two ministries. Both preaching and prophesying are regular activities of the Society.

    Holy Spirit—The Force Behind the Coming New Order!, p. 150

  • 1K. Does the Society/Prophet claim any special knowledge concerning the Bible?Yes. The Society published a six-volume work entitled Scripture Studies which it described as „the Bible in an arranged form.” It amounted to a running commentary on the Bible. The Society claims that if someone were to „ignore” the Scripture Studies „and goes to the Bible alone, though he has understood his Bible for ten years…within two years he goes into darkness.” The Society further claims that if a student „had merely read Scripture Studies with their references, and had not read a page of the Bible, as such, he would be in the light at the end of the two years, because he would have the light of the Scriptures.”

    Watchtower, 1910, p.298

  • 1L. Does the Society believe that it is the only organization that has God’s Spirit or can understand the Bible?Yes. It has made this clear when it said, „…Jehovah’s organization alone, in all the earth, is directed by God’s holy spirit or active force … To it alone God’s sacred Word, the Bible, is not a sealed book.” Furthermore, it claims that „God by his holy spirit” has directly „revealed” things to its „early Bible students…far in advance.”

    Watchtower. July 1, 1973

  • 1M. Has the Society ever prophesied concerning the future and had that prophecy fail the test of „Time and circumstance” (see 1B. above)?Yes. In fact there are many such „failed” prophecies (see False Prophecy Fact Sheet). Keep in mind, as you study these prophecies that the Society…

    1) Claims to be God’s one and only prophet today

    2) Claims to have revelations from God

    3) Claims to be the only group that understands the Bible

    4) Claims to be the only Spirit-empowered organization on earth today.

    False Prophecy Fact Sheet

2. Has the Society made false prophecies?
  • 2A. Does the Society claim to be a true prophet of God, and does it ask that we examine its prophecy record?Yes. The Society states this explicitly when it says: „So, does Jehovah have a prophet to help…and to declare things to come? These questions can be answered in the affirmative. Who is this prophet? …This ‘prophet’ was not one man, but was a body of men and women…known…as International Bible Students. Today they are known as Jehovah’s Christian Witnesses…” It should be noted that even from its earliest beginnings the Society considered itself to be a true prophet of God. The Society does not expect others to just trust that it is a true prophet: „Of course, it is easy to say that this group acts as a ‘prophet’ of God. It is another thing to prove it. The only way that this can be done is to review the record. What does it show?”

    Watchtower, April 1, 1972

  • 2B. Has the Society predicted that 1914 A.D. would mark the end of earthly rulership?Yes. The Society made such a prediction in 1908: ” ..the ‘Battle of the Great Day of God Almighty’ (Rev. 16:14), which will end in A.D. 1914 with the complete overthrow of earth’s present rulership, is already commenced” (i.e., it began before 1908).

    The Time is at Hand, 1908 ed, p.101

  • 2C. Has the Society declared that the earthly arrival of King Jesus took place in October, 1874?Yes. „Our Lord, the appointed King, is now present since October, 1874, A.D.”

    Studies in the Scriptures, Vol. IV, p.621

  • 2D. Has the Society declared that the Millennium—the 1,000-year reign of Christ—began in 1873?Yes. „The Bible chronology herein presented shows that the six great thousand-year days beginning with Adam are ended, and that great Seventh Day, the thousand years of Christ’s reign, began in 1873.”

    The Time is at Hand, 1916 ed., p.ii

  • 2E. Has the Society predicted that the visible, physical return to earth of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob would take place in 1925?Yes. „…Since other Scriptures definitely fix the fact there will be a resurrection of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and other faithful ones of old…we may expect 1925 to witness the return of these faithful men of Israel from the condition of death, being resurrected and fully restored to perfect humanity and made the visible, legal representatives of the new order of things on earth.”

    Millions Now Living Will Never Die, p.89

  • 2F. How certain, in the minds of the Society, was the 1925 resurrection date?As certain as any date could be. This is evident by various statements including the following:

    1) „The date 1925 is even more distinctly indicated by the Scriptures because it is fixed by the law God gave to Israel.”

    Watchtower, Sept 1, 1922, p.262

    2) „Our thought is, that 1925 is definitely settled by the Scriptures, marking the end of the typical jubilees.”

    Watchtower, April 1, 1923, p.106

  • 2G. When 1925 arrived did the Society begin to back down on its prophecies about the significance of that year?Yes. „The year 1925 is here. With great expectation Christians have looked forward to this year. Many have confidently expected that all members of the body of Christ will be changed to heavenly glory during the year. This may be accomplished. It may not be. In his own due time, God will accomplish his purposes concerning his own people. Christians should not be so deeply concerned about what may transpire during this year that they would fail to joyfully do what the Lord would have them to do.”

    Watchtower, Jan. 1, 1925, p.3

  • 2H. As the year 1925 progressed, did the Society indicate even more doubt about 1925 being the resurrection year—the year the new order begins?Yes. Rather than suggest that a mistake was made or that God changed His mind, the Society subtly began to back down even further: Typical of this erosion process is the following:

    „It is to be expected that Satan will try to inject into the minds of the consecrated the thought that 1925 should see an end of the work, and that therefore it would be needless for them to do more.”

    Watchtower, 1925, p.262

  • 2I. Was there disappointment among the Society members because of the failures concerning the predicted dates?Yes. Most definitely and so much so that public admissions were printed: „There was a measure of disappointment on the part of Jehovah’s faithful ones on earth concerning the years 1914, 1918 and 1925, which disappointment lasted for a time.”

    Vindication, Vol. I, p.338

  • 2J. Did the Society attempt to deflect criticism by clinging to the dates even though the prophecies concerning them went unfulfilled?Yes. Basically the Society clung to the position that the dates were valid in spite of the lack of fulfillment: „Later the faithful learned that those dates were definitely fixed in the Scriptures . . . ”

    Vindication, Vol. I, p. 338-339

  • 2K. Did the Society indicate that as a result of disappointments it had decided to quit setting dates?Yes. They seemed ready to give up the practice of fixing dates: „…they also learned to quit fixing dates for the future and predicting what would come to pass on a certain date, but to rely (and they do rely) upon the Word of God as to the events that must come to pass.”

    Vindication, Vol. I, p. 339

  • 2L. Did the Society, nevertheless, continue to imply that certain times and years were scheduled for Armageddon?Yes. This was done with great care but the implication was always clear: Armageddon was only „months away,” that is, less than a year. A typical example of the subtlety of these suggestions is seen in the following report: „Receiving the sift, the marching children clasped it to them, not a toy or plaything for idle pleasure, but the Lord’s provided instrument for most effective work in the remaining months before Armageddon.”

    Watchtower, Sept. 15, 1942, p.288

  • 2M. Does the Society admit that such prior date setting activities amounted to false prophesying?Yes. In its own literature it reveals its attitude toward such activities: „True, there have been those in times past who predicted an ‘end to the world,’ even announcing a specific date. Some have gathered groups of people with them and fled to the hills or withdrawn into their houses waiting for the end. Yet, nothing happened. The ‘end’ did not come. They were guilty of false prophesying. Why? What was missing?

    „Missing was the full measure of evidence required in fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Missing from such people were God’s truths and the evidence that he was guiding and using them.”

    Awake, Oct. 8, 1968, p.23

  • 2N. Has the Society concluded its date-setting activities or has it prophesied other dates such as 1975?It continues submitting new dates. A classic example is an entire article devoted to a prophecy concerning the year, 1975. This was calculated to be the year of the end of this present age. Its title: „Why Are You Looking Forward to 1975?”

    Watchtower, Aug. 15, 1968, p.494

  • 2O. Has the Society confirmed the 1975 date as accurate?Yes. „According to this trustworthy Bible chronology six thousand years from man’s creation will end in 1975, and the seventh period of a thousand years of human history will begin in the fall of 1975 C.E.”

    Life Everlasting—In Freedom of the Sons of God, p.28

  • 2P. What did the Society members believe about the 1975 date? Would it be the end of the present system of things?Yes. According to Erroll Burton, spokesman for the Paradise Valley Unit of the Jehovah’s Witnesses in Arizona, the 1975 date would mean „‘A change in the political system of things,’ when ‘all presently existing influences must be eliminated. After 6,000 years of the deterioration of mankind, there will be 1,000 years of refining mankind…’ ‘At the end of that period, man will be perfect, as Adam and Eve were before the fall.'”

    The Society clearly has instructed its followers that 1975 represents „…the end of the world as we have known it,” and it predicts that the „…thousand-year reign of Christ will begin.”

    The Arizona Republic (newspaper), Aug. 24, 1969

  • 2Q. Did the Society members begin to get rid of their possessions and make special sacrifices in order to prepare for 1975? Did the Society condone this activity?Yes. In various ways this information was reported and evaluated. The Society’s attitude is revealed in the following: „Reports are heard of brothers selling their homes and property and planning to finish out the rest of their days in this old system in the pioneer service. Certainly this is a fine way to spend the short time remaining before the wicked world’s end.”

    Kingdom Ministry, May 1974, p.3

3. Has the Society admitted to and covered up false prophecies?
  • 3A. First, does the Society believe that a false prophet could. exist today, and, does it believe that such a prophet coud be an organization rather than just an individual?Yes. It has gone into some detail in describing the false prophet’s activities and purpose: „Similarly, the ‘false prophet’ is not a person, but is a system or an organization. A ‘prophet’ claims to have inspired information for the direction of others. A ‘false prophet’ would mislead others, to turn them away from God and toward false worship.”

    Watchtower, June 15, 1974, p.381

  • 3B. Does the Society believe that God will reveal false prophets? If so, how will he do this?Yes. The Society expects God to uncover the true character of false prophets. He „will put all false prophets to shame either by not fulfilling the false prediction of such self assuming prophets or by having His own prophecies fulfilled in a way opposite to that predicted by the false prophets.”

    Paradise Restored to Mankind, pp. 353-354

  • 3C. How does the Society anticipate false prophets to react to exposure?„False prophets will try to hide their reason for feeling shame by denying who they really are. They will try to avoid…being pronounced spiritually dead by Jehovah’s loyal worshipers.”

    Paradise Restored to Mankind, p. 354

  • 3D. Has the Society admitted to making false prophecies?Yes. They admitted to looking „forward to 1914 with joyful expectation. When that time came and passed there was much disappointment.” In other words, their predicted date concerning the end of the age had come and gone without fulfillment (see II.B. above). They became the subject of criticism „because they had said so much about 1914, and what would come to pass, and their ‘prophecies‘ had not been fulfilled.”

    Here we have an example of the Society stating categorically that it had delivered a prophecy that time and circumstance demonstrated to be false.

    Light, (A Society publication), Book I, p.194

  • 3E. Is the admission of making false prophecies an isolated item, or has a Society leader—under oath in court—ever admitted that the Society made such prophecies?H.C. Covington, the then Vice President of the Society was on the witness stand in Scotland in 1954. When asked if the Society had „promulgated (i.e., set forth or taught publically) a false prophecy,” Covington said „I agree to that.” He was then asked if this false prophecy „had to be accepted by Jehovah’s Witnesses,” to which he replied, „That is correct.”

    Walsh vs. Clyde, Scotland, Nov. 1954, pp. 340-343

  • 3F. Has the Society tried to reverse itself (on its well-established claim to be a true prophet) since its 1975 prophecy failure?Yes. The Society now teaches that „Jehovah’s Witnesses as modern-day Christians are working hard to get this good news preached to every individual. They do not claim infallibility or perfection. Neither are they inspired prophets.”

    This is an amazing reversal! For almost 100 years the Society has claimed to be a „true prophet of God” and now they reveal that they are not inspired-leaving us to conclude that their many prophecies have not come from God.

    Watchtower, May 15, 1976, p.297

4. Has the Society altered any of its chronological calculations over the years?
  • [Note: We must realize that the society has placed a tremendous amount of emphasis on chronology during the century of its existence. Precise calculations of the dates of certain events—especially of those related to the beginnings of mankind—have been the basis for many of the Society’s predictions. The creation date of Adam and the creation date of Eve have been the subject of particular attention because they relate—according to past Society literature—to the calculation of the beginning of the Millennium, or 1,000-year reign of Christ.]
  • 4A. According to the Society, is the creation date of Eve important for calculating the date of the Millennium?Yes. The exact date of Eve’s creation was the beginning of God’s „rest day” because (logically) Eve was God’s last creation.

    Watchtower, Oct. 1, 1975, p.519

  • 4B. Does the Society know when Eve was created?No. According to the Society, the biblical record „shows a time lapse between the creation of Adam and that of his wife, Eve.” Why was there a time lapse? What, for example, was going on? „During that time, God had Adam name the animals? Whether that period amounted to weeks or months or years we do not know?” No date can be established—even approximately—for Eve’s creation date?

    Watchtower, Oct. 1, 1975, p.579

  • 4C. Has the Society ever given a date for Eve’s creation?Yes. „According to reliable Bible chronology, Adam and Eve were created in 4026 B.C.E”

    Awake, Oct. 8, 1968, p.14

  • 4D. Has the Society been able to predict a date for Eve’s creation in spite of the reports of Adam’s activities before her creation? On what basis do they do this?Yes. The Society reasoned that „. . .it is logical that He (God) would create Eve soon after Adam, perhaps just a few weeks or months later in the same year, 4026 B.C.E.”

    Watchtower, May 1, 1968, p.271

  • 4E. Has the Society tried to explain the obvious contradiction between an unknown creation date and a 4026 B.C.E. creation date for Eve in its authoritative Bible study aid?No. The study aid only confirms the impossible: it says that Society knows Eve’s creation date!

    1. At 130 years Eve gave birth to Seth.

    Aid to Bible Understanding (1969), p.533

    2. Adam was 130 years old when Seth was born?

    Aid to Bible Understanding (1969), p.333

  • [Note: Before the 1975 prediction date of Christ’s return, the society authoritatively supports a specific creation date for Eve. Afterwords they conveniently back down on their calculation.]
5. Has the society distorted the record of any of its past activities?
  • [Note: Beth-Sarim, which means „House of Princes” in the Hebrew language, was a handsome estate built in San Diego in 1930 by the Watchtower Society. Its history is variously represented by the Society.]
  • 5A. What was the purpose of the construction of Beth-Sarim?Beth-Sarim was, according to a recent Society yearbook, built as a home for one of the Society’s presidents: „…a direct contribution was made for the purpose of constructing a house in San Diego for Brother Rutherford’s use.”

    1975 Yearbook, p.194

  • 5B. Did the Society, at an earlier date, give an entirely different purpose for constructing Beth-Sarim?Yes. „…the purpose of acquiring that property and building the house was that there might be some tangible proof that there are those on earth today…who believe that faithful men of old will soon be resurrected by the Lord, be back on earth, and take charge of the visible affairs of earth.”

    Salvation, p.311

  • 5C. Did the Society actually believe that certain resurrected Old Testament saints would come back and live in Beth-Sarim?Yes. „…those faithful men of old may be expected back from the dead any day now…in this expectation the house was built…it is now held in trust for the occupancy of those princes on their return.”

    The New World, p.104

  • 5D. Does the deed to the Beth-Sarim property reveal the Society’s original purpose for the estate?Yes. While it is true that Rutherford was to have „exclusive possession” of the house during his lifetime, it was also true that that possession was to be relinquished upon the soon anticipated arrival of „David,” „Joseph,” „Samuel,” etc. to the earth „for the express purpose of being used by those who are servants of Jehovah God.”

    Page iii of the deed indicates other Society members could equally make use of the property „until the same be taken possession of by David or some of the other men herein named [from Hebrews chapter eleven] and this property and premises being dedicated to Jehovah and the use of his kingdom it shall be used as such forever.”

    It is interesting to note that the Society later sold the house.

    Deed to Beth-Sarim, Dec. 24, 1929

6. Has the Society distorted or misquoted various reference sources in an attempt to support its position on the Trinity?
  • 6A. Did the Society misquote and misrepresent well-known Greek scholars H. E. Dana and J. R. Mantey?Yes. The Society quotes Dana and Mantey out of context by asserting that their grammar (A Manual Grammar of the Greek New Testament) supports the translation „the word was a god” at John 1:1.

    Kingdom Interlinear, p. 1158

    In a letter to the Society authored by Mantey himself we read: „…Because you have been quoting me out of context, I…request you not to quote the Manual Grammar…again, which you have been quoting for 24 years.” He also asked them to „publicly and immediately apologize” for their misrepresentation.

    Mantey Letter, p.3

    Why was Mantey so disturbed? His conclusion (found both in his Grammar and his letter) is that John 1:1 should be translated either „the word was deity” or „the word was God,” not „the word was a god.” Mantey estimates the evidence „to be 99% against” the Society’s translation.

    Mantey Letter, p. 2

  • [Note: A word about John 1:1 is appropriate here. In this passage an important principle of Greek grammar is evident which has been a source of confusion for English readers.
  • Note first the order of the Greek words as seen in the Greek text (consult The Emphatic Diaglott or The Kingdom Interlinear, both Society publications):
  • And God Was The Word
  • In Greek there is no written indefinite article („A” or „AN”)—just the definite article („the”). The indefinite article is often implied before a noun even though nothing is actually written down to tell the reader it is there. But this is not always the case. The word theos standing alone without the definite article might be translated „a god” if it were not for another principle of grammar. That principle is discussed in Mantey’s letter to the Society.

    Mantey Letter, p.1, 2

  • And what does that principle mean? E. C. Colwell discovered that when a predicate noun (in this case theos) is in the nominative case (that is, in the same case as the subject of the sentence—the subject being logos) and is placed before the verb (instead of after the verb as is usually the case), it has no article—even when it is needed. In fact, Colwell also discovered that it is indefinite (i.e., with „a” or „an”) only when the context demands it. (see Journal of Biblical Literature, Vol. LII (1933) pp. 12-21 from which Mantey quotes.)
  • Harner (see Journal of Biblical Literature, Vol. XCII (1973)) went on to discover that in 53 passages in John’s Gospel, the Apostle John used this type of word arrangement to „express the nature of [the] character of the subject.” Thus Mantey is right when he suggests the translation „the word was diety” or „the word was God” which stresses nature.
  • The translation „a god” inserts an indefinite article that is unwarranted by either grammar or context. The translation „a god” makes Jesus another God, makes John the Apostle a polytheist, and makes a mockery of Deuteronomy 32:39 which reads „there is no other god with me”—that would make Jesus a god against the Father!”]
  • 6B. Did the Society quote the famous Bible translator Westcott out of context?Yes. The Society gives the impression that Westcott supports the concept that John 1:1 should be translated „the Word was a god” (note the small „g”).

    Watchtower, Jan. 15, 1975, p.63

    But as can be seen, Westcott holds to an entirely different view based on the grammar:The Word was God „…simply affirms the true deity of the Word.” He held to the triunity of God, not the polytheism of „the word was a god.”

    The Gospel According to St. John, p.3

  • [Note: A consultation with virtually any commentary on John 1:1 or any Koine Greek grammar on the use of the article in the New Testament will lead to the same conclusion reached by Westcott: The statement „simply affirms the true deity of the Word.”]
  • 6C. Did the Society misrepresent the New Catholic Encyclopedia on its position concerning the trinity?Yes. The Society suggests that the New Catholic Encylopedia denies the historic trinity: It teaches that…this doctrine was unknown to the Hebrew prophets and Christian apostles…it also admits that the doctrine must be dated as from about three hundred and fifty years after the death of Jesus Christ.”

    The Truth That Leads to Eternal Life, p. 22

    A simple reading of page 306 of the New Catholic Encyclopedia, Vol. XIV, will demonstrate that both conclusions by the Society were erroneous. Clearly, Paul and the Gospels taught the triunity of God and the Catholics hold to this belief.

    New Catholic Encyclopedia, Vol. XIV, p. 306

  • 6D. Does the Bible actually teach the doctrine of the trinity—a doctrine the Society strongly denies?Yes. The trinity is the only explanation for the relationship given in Scripture between the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

    The Trinity

7. Does the Society deny the Biblical teaching that Jesus Christ is worthy of worship?
  • 7A. Does the Society teach that Jesus rejects worship?Yes. „Do not erroneously conclude that Christians are to worship Christ; that is not what he taught.”

    Watchtower, July 15, 1959, p.421

  • 7B. Does the Bible reveal the worship of Christ as an appropriate and acceptable activity?Yes. No one is rebuked for worshipping Christ in Scripture.

    The Bible

  • 7C. Does the Society attempt to cover up the worship of Christ in Scripture in order to deny this teaching?Yes. The word proskuneo is translated as worship (when used with reference to Jehovah) 22 times in the Society’s New World Translation. The same word when used with reference to Christ is translated „obedience,” „reverence,” and „homage.” The Bible clearly teaches the worship of Jesus, but the Society in an effort to obscure this fact has avoided the ususal and normal translation of proskuneo.
  • 7D. Has the Society ever contradicted its position by encouraging Jesus worship?Yes. „Christ (is) to be worshipped as a glorious spirit, victorious over death on the torture stake.”

    Make Sure of All Things, p. 85

8. Is the name „Jehovah” actually the name of God?
  • 8A. Does the Society believe that „Jehovah” is the name of God?Yes. They have used it for more than 50 years and state categorically that it is „a translation of God’s name, in Hebrew YHWH.”

    Make Sure of All Things, 1953, p.188

  • 8B. God’s name?No. They hold that „there is no such name as Jehovah.” The name of God as it appears in Scripture is without appropriate vowels so, „no Hebrew can pronounce it today.”

    Letter, Michael Esses

  • 8C. Where did the mistranslation „Jehovah” come from?„‘Jehovah’ is generally held to have been the invention of Pope Leo X’s confessor, Peter Galatin.”

    The Jewish Encyclopedia, p. 88

    „‘Jehovah’ is a mispronunciation…almost entirely disregarded by the Jews…of the Hebrew ‘YHWH’ the…name of God…this pronunciation is grammatically impossible; it arose through pronouncing the vowels…of ‘Adonay’ (the Lord)…with the consonants of ‘ YHWH. ”

    The Jewish Encyclopedia, p. 87

  • 8D. Is there any basis for the Society using „Jehovah” as the name for God?No. „The pronunciation Jehovah has no authority at all and appeared only in late medieval times; it is an attempt to vocalize the Tetragrammaton (YHWH) usinq the vowels written under it by the scribes, which vowels however were never intended to be combined with the four consonants of this word.”

    Grant and Rowley, Dictionary of the Bible, p. 334

  • 8E. If „Jehovah” is incorrect and not the name of God, what is the correct name?It is Yahweh. „That the pronunciation in ancient times was Yahweh is concluded from transcriptions in the early Christian fathers.”

    Grant and Rowley, Dictionary of the Bible, p. 334

9. Has the Society altered the Scriptures to suit its own particular needs?
  • 9A. Where has the Society altered the text?Take any Greek text or modern translation and compare it with the New World Translation (a Society publication) at:

    John 1:1 (Note the added „a”)

    Colossians 1:15, 17 (Note the inserted „other”)

    Colossians 2:9 (Note the change from „deity” to „divine quality”)

    Titus 2:13 (Note the change from „God our Savior” to „God and our Savior”)

    Revelation 3:14 (Note how „of” is changed to „by”)

    These are just a few examples of the alterations.

    The Bible

  • 9B. To what can we attribute the mistranslations by the Society?In court and under oath F. W. Franz, current president of the Society and one of the admitted translators of the New World Translation, lied about his ability to translate Scripture. He admitted he could not translate „a Bible verse.” Lack of integrity and preparation, along with a marked theological bias has led to a number of outrageous errors in translation.

    Walsh vs. Clyde, Scotland, Nov., 1954

10. Does the Society err in its teaching about the cross of Christ?
  • 10A. According to the Society, how did Jesus die?The Society claims that Jesus was impaled on an upright, single-pieced „torture stake.”

    Kingdom Interlinear, pp. 1,155, 1,156

  • 10B. How does the Society support its claim that Jesus died on a „torture stake” instead of a „cross”?The Society quotes 16th century writer Justus Lipsius in his De Cruce Liber Primus.

    De Cruce Liber Primus, p. 19 & 47

  • 10C. What does Justus Lipsius say is the method of Christ’s death?While it is true the Lipsius pictures the death of a man on a tree, he points out rather emphatically and in considerable detail that this was not the way Jesus died. In fact, he even includes a picture of Christ’s death on the cross a few pages later. Reading from his text we find: „In the Lord’s cross there were four pieces of wood, the upright beam, the cross-bar, a tree trunk (piece of wood) placed below, and the title (inscription) placed above.” The Society has completely misrepresented Lipsius’ drawing and findings.

    De Cruce Liber Primus, Translation of pp.46-47

  • 1OD. Does the Bible teach that Jesus died on a cross?Yes, without any doubt. Consult the Bible at John 20:25; 21:18-19, Matt. 27:37, Mark 15:27, etc.

    The Bible

11. Has the Society ever altered its publications without notice to suit its changing prophecies?
  • Yes. Quietly the Society shifts its position when an embarrassing prophecy is made and then remains unfulfilled. For example, a crucial change was made in the 1923 version of Studies in Scriptures in order to bring it into line with the Society’s changing prophecies. The earlier version has:”…the deliverance of the saints must take place some time before 1914 is manifest…”
  • The 1923 version has:”…must take place very soon after 1914 is manifest…”

    Studies in Scriptures

12. Given the strange twists and contradictions of the Society over the years, is there any relationship between the Society and mental illness?
  • Yes, unfortunately. Members of the Society, according to an Australian study are „three times more likely to be diagnosed as suffering from schizophrenia and nearly four times more likely from paranoid schizophrenia than the rest of the population at risk.”
  • Why? Either the Society „tends to attract an excess of pre-psychotic individuals who may then break down, or else being a Jehovah’s Witness is itself a stress which may precipitate a psychosis. Possibly both of these factors may operate together.”John Spencer, The Mental Health of Jehovah’s Witnesses
13. If Jehovah’s Witnesses are not the truth, then what is?
  • The truth is found in the Bible and not in the Watchtower Society (as has already been demonstrated.) Two steps must be taken:
  • First, Jesus Christ must be given rightful Lordship in our life.For instructions, CLICK HERE
  • Second, the Society member must break his ties with the Watchtower Society, as has the author of this ExposéResignation Letter
*For purposes of clarification and brevity, the name, „Watchtower Society” has been shortened to „Society” throughout this outline.

[1] Prefata – articol tradus

Iulie 2, 2009

Draga Martor al lui Iehova,

Cu cativa ani in urma as fi stat la usa vorbind cu proprietarul despre organizatia lui Iehova. Atunci cand gazda ar fi facut o remarca negativa de orice fel despre organizatie, eu i-as fi pus urmatoarea intrebare:

„Daca ar exista doua femei care sa scrie despre un anumit barbat, una dintre ele fosta lui sotie si cealalta sotia sa actuala care e fericita, care carte credeti ca ar fi cea mai corespunzatoare caracterului sau?” Desigur ca proprietarul case intotdeauna ar raspunde „Fosta sotie”. In acel punct i-as fi inmanat acelei persoane o copie a revistei Watchtower, explicand cum ar putea sa cunoasca adevarul despre Martorii lui Iehova chiar de la martori, in loc sa-si formeze opiniile doar din auzite.

Am crezut deplin ca tot ce e scris de Watchtower era de la Dumnezeu si ca era adevarul asa cum El l-a revelat celor 144.000 despre care se vorbeste in capitolul 7 din Apocalipsa. Credeam ca Biblia a fost scrisa doar pentru cei 144.000 si ca nimeni altcineva nu o putea intelege.

Exista aproximativ 10.000 din cei 144.000 ramasi pe pamant astazi. Restul au fost rapiti. Un mic numar din acesti 10.000 ramasi studiaza Biblia si primesc iluminari spirituale care sunt scrise in cadrul publicatiilor Societatii Watchtower, pentru ceilalti martori. Prin citirea acestor articole Biblia era facuta clara pentru noi.

Credeam ca Iehova Dumnezeu si-a format organizatia in ultimile zile pentru a explica Biblia pentru ca altii sa ajunga sa-l cunoasca.

Credeam ca singura posibilitate pe care o aveam in ce priveste mantuirea era prin aceasta organizatie, Societatea Turnul de Veghe. Exista doar o singura cale pentru mine sa ajung sa-l cunosc pe Iehova Dumnezeu si pe fiul sau Isus Cristos. Aceasta era sa studiez materialul scris de Societatea Turnul de Veghe si sa-i ascult regulile. Trebuia sa fiu un membru activ al Societatii pentru a putea supravietui Armaghedonului.

Credeam ca singurii care au parasit Societatea au fost aceia exclusi datorita pacatului grav, nu fiindca ar fi fost in dezacord sau ar fi descoperit invataturi mincinoase.

Acum ma aflu in partea opusa si va scriu dvs., Dl. sau D-na Martor al lui Iehova, ca unul care in mod atent a examinat credibilitatea Societatii Turnul de Veghe si pretentiile ei de a fi singura organizatie a lui Dumnezeu pe pamant, astazi.



Cunosc gandurile care va sunt acum in minte. Va ganditi ca probabil am scris aceasta carte din resentiment sau pentru castig financiar. Voi corecta aceste ganduri chiar acum.

Am scris aceasta carte pentru un singur motiv: pentru ca dvs. sa puteti ajunge sa-l cunoasteti pe Isus Cristos ca Mantuitor personal, tot asa cum s-a intamplat cu aproape un sfert de milion de alti martori in ultimii cativa ani. Am iesit din organizatie impreuna cu sotia mea si in prezent il servim pe Dumnezeu asa cum doreste El sa o facem. Nu am fost exclusi si nici nu am comis vreun pacat mare.

Am gasit Biblia ca fiind o carte deschisa pentru fiecare dintre noi. Am descoperit ca Iehova Dumnezeu nu a ales o singura organizatie pentru a fi reprezentat si pentru ca altii sa fie condusi prin Armaghedon.

Am invatat prin Cuvantul Sau, ca Fiul Sau Isus Cristos a murit acum 2000 de ani pentru fiecare dintre noi, si ca toti cei care il primesc pe El in inima vor fi mantuiti. Stiu ca va ganditi „Il accept pe Isus ca sacrificiu rascumparator pentru mine”. Acestea sunt cuvintele pe care Societatea Turnul de Veghe (de acum STV) te-a invatat. Biblia invata ca exista o diferenta de viata si moarte intre a crede in Isus si a-L primi in inima ca mantuitor personal. Aminteste-ti ca si diavolul crede in Isus, dar nu este mantuit.

In aceasta carte iti voi arata:

  • (1) STV nu este organizatia lui Dumnezeu.
  • (2) Vom examina afirmatiile  pe care TV le-a facut cu privire la aceea ca ar fi singurul profet al lui Dumnezeu pe pamant astazi.
  • (3) Vom examina profetiile facute de publicatiile TV pentru a vedea daca s-au implinit.

Am organizat aceasta carte intr-o forma intrebare-raspuns, din moment ce aceasta este modalitatea prin care STV si-a invatat membrii. Va cer fiecaruia dintre dvs sa raspundeti in mod individual fiecarei intrebari, in mod sincer, si sa cautati in documentul corespunzator, pentru a verifica daca ceva a fost scos din context.

Va rog sa aveti mereu in minte ca inteleg ca nu dvs sunteti inselatorul. Inteleg ca ati fost inselat de organizatie impreuna cu alte milioane si ca in mod sincer cautati adevarul. Acesta este motivul pentru care mi-am luat toate masurile sa scriu aceasta carte cat se poate de ne-ofensator.

In ultimii 100 de ani, STV a condamnat crestinatatea. Este acum timpul ca si voi sa cititi cealalta parte a povestii. Puteti dvs in mod sincer sa spuneti in inima voastra ca STV a trecut testul pe care se asteapta ca celelalte religii sa il treaca? Sau este profilul societatii plin de profetii mincinoase si invataturi ne-biblice?

Este important pentru dvs. ca cititi aceasta carte si apreciez onestitatea dvs. in a cauta sa cunoasteti tot adevarul. Biblia spune aceasta cel mai bine in Ioan 8: 31, 32. „Apoi Isus a raspuns acelor evrei care au crezut in El: ‘Daca ramaneti in cuvantul Meu, sunteti cu adevarat ucenicii Mei: veti cunoaste adevarul si adevarul va va face liberi'”.

O carte scrisa de un fost martor [1]

Iulie 2, 2009

Voi prezenta un document scris de Erich si Jean Grieshaber despre Martorii lui Iehova. Scrierea se gaseste structurata pe saitul si o voi reproduce aici, in limba engleza, asa cum este, in cateva articole, succesiv. Unul dintre autori a fost chiar martor al lui Iehova si se adreseaza in aceasta carte chiar martorilor. Limbajul este unul foarte bland si atent selectat. Probabil experienta prin care a trecut l-a marcat pe autor si dragostea lui Cristos l-a motivat sa scrie aceste randuri.

Iata prefata:

Dear Jehovah’s Witness,

A few years ago I would stand at the door talking to the householder about Jehovah’s organization. When the householder would make a negative remark of any kind about the organization, I would ask him or her the following question.

„If there were two women writing about a certain man, one of them his ex-wife and the other his present happy wife, whose book do you think would be the most derogatory to his character?” Of course the householder would always answer, „The ex-wife’s.” At that time I would hand the householder a copy of the Watchtower magazine, explaining how he could know the truth about Jehovah’s Witnesses from the Witnesses themselves instead of forming opinions from hearsay only.

I fully believed that everything written in the Watchtower was from God and was the truth as He had revealed it to the 144,000 in chapter 7 of Revelation. I believed the Bible was written only for the 144,000 and no one else could understand it.

There are approximately 10,000 of the 144,000 left on earth today. The rest have been raptured. A small number of these remaining 10,000 study the Bible and are given spiritual insights which are written up in the Watchtower Society publications for the other Jehovah’s Witnesses. By reading these articles the Bible was made clear to us.

I believed that Jehovah God had set up this organization in the last days to explain the Bible so others could come to know him.

I believed that the only chance I had for salvation was through this organization, the Watchtower Society. There was only one way for me to get to know Jehovah God and his son Jesus Christ. I had to study the material written by the Watchtower Society and obey its rules. I had to be an active member of the Watchtower Society in order to survive Armageddon.

I believed the only ones who left the Watchtower Society were those disfellowshiped because of gross sin, not because they disagreed or found false teaching.

Now I stand on the other side writing to you, Mr. or Mrs. Jehovah’s Witness, as one who has carefully examined the credibility of the Watchtower Society and its claims of being God’s only organization on earth today.


I know the thoughts that are going through your mind now. You’re thinking that I must have written this book out of bitterness or for financial gain. I will correct this thought right now.

I have written this book for only one reason: that you may come to know Jesus Christ as your own personal Savior, just as almost a quarter of a million other Jehovah’s Witnesses have in the last few years. My wife and I have resigned from the organization and are serving God as he wants us to. We were not disfellowshiped nor have we committed great sins.

We found that the Bible is an open book written to all of us. We discovered that Jehovah God did not choose one organization to represent him and lead others through Armageddon.

We learned through his Word that his son Jesus Christ died 2,000 years ago for all of us, and that all who receive him into their hearts would be saved. I know that you’re thinking, „I do accept Jesus as my ransom sacrifice.” These are the words the Watchtower Society has taught you. The Bible teaches that there is a difference of life and death between believing in Jesus and receiving him into your heart as your own personal savior. Remember, the Devil believes in Jesus, but is not saved.

In this book I will show you:

  • (1) The Watchtower Society is not God’s organization.
  • (2) We will examine the claims the Watchtower has made of being God’s only prophet on earth today.
  • (3) We will examine the prophecies made by the Watchtower publications to see if they have come true.

I have arranged this book in a question and answer layout, since this is the way the Watchtower Society has taught its members. I ask each one of you to individually answer each question honestly and to turn to the corresponding photostated document, checking to see that nothing has been taken out of context.

Please keep in mind that I know you are not the deceiver. I understand that you have been deceived by the organization along with millions of others and you’re honestly seeking the truth. This is why I have taken every precaution to write this book as non-offensively as possible.

For the last 100 years the Watchtower Society has condemned Christianity. It’s now time for you to read the other side of the story. Can you honestly say in your heart that the Watchtower Society has passed the test that it expects all religions to pass? Or is the Society’s own background filled with false prophecies and non-biblical teachings?

You’re taking a big chance reading this book, and I appreciate your honesty in seeking to know the whole truth. The Bible says it best at John 8:31, 32. „Then Jesus said to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed: and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

Marturiile unor fosti martori

Iulie 2, 2009

Watchtower Comments Interview with Don Cameron

Iulie 1, 2009

Terapist, discutand controlul mintii

Aprilie 16, 2008


prezentare a unui ex-martor.